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Foolproof Designs believes that dedicating yourself to something you believe in is all it takes to create impressive tools and toys.


FFXIV Gatherer

Quickly find and gather rare and unspoiled nodes in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn!

FFXIV Gatherer Free Includes:
  • Clock that reads Eorzea Time
  • Listing of all of the materials to be gained from unspoiled nodes, when and where they spawn in order of what will spawn next
  • The list can be filtered to show: all materials, botany only, mining only, or fishing only
FFXIV Gatherer Paid Version Includes Everything in the Free Version Plus:
  • Show only your favorite materials in the main list if you like
  • Display a countdown timer that displays Earth time left until the next list item spawns
  • Treasure Map gather timer
  • Optional notifications when your favorite materials spawn in-game so you never forget!
  • Notification options include:
    • The moment a node spawns
    • 1 Eorzea hour before
    • 2 Eorzea hours before
    • 3 Eorzea hours before

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World of Logs

View combat log information parsed from World of Logs on the go including damage, healing, and separate pet sources.

The UI supports old and new Android devices including those with the Holo theme. A network connection is required to use the application.

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World of Logs

Just like the Android app, the iOS World of Logs app allows you to view combat log information parsed from World of Logs on the go.

In addition to showing damage, healing and separate pet sources, the iOS version allows you to see detailed player information for each fight and has two color schemes. This app also requires a network connection in order to view the logs.

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Foolproof Designs is dedicated to making great apps for the everyday user.

Founded in 2012, we began with a simple concept for our first app and today hundreds of people are using it. Our philosophy is straightforward: imagination, risk, and patience. We believe every great design begins with imagination, continues with the willingness to take a risk on something new, and finishes with the patience required to ensure a smooth app experience.

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